JGlad Shops Limited run, Authentically Detailed

About Me

I decided to start this business for a several reasons. First and foremost the amazing opportunity that Paul from PLine Model Engineering Company has granted me. I am the sole distributor of PLine products for North America. PLine's products are handcrafted in brass, stainless steel, milled steel, and copper. PLine's attention to detail is second to none.

In business for 10 years, PLine makes Indian as well as American narrow guage models in many scales and gauges including Gauge O (32mm), Gauge 1 (45mm), Fn3, G, SM32, 7/8ths, and Gauge 3; Though they are perhaps best known for their Darjeeling Railway models in SM32 which can also run on 45mm tracks. With new products introduced each year, and classics modernized with new modeling techniques, there is always something exciting going on at the PLine shops.

One of the other big reasons I decided to start my business is I like to see custom pieces. To me custom pieces can be anything as small as changing road numbers, adding small detail pieces, weathering, unusual paint schemes, kit bashed cars, or locomotives that haven't been done before. As you are aware in G scale we are limited by manufacturers, and we all have mostly the same engines and cars. When I watch videos of peoples' layouts I enjoy what they are running, but I am always impressed when I see a custom piece that I have never seen before.

The first custom piece I built in G scale was an NS scale test car. I had the opportunity to see it up close and photograph it (top picture on right). I decided I wanted to build one. It took a few months of planning, finding the right base to start, deciding what materials to use to build, gathering everything, and finally building it. Then it was on to paint and finally custom decals. Once I was finished with it (bottom picture on right), I was hooked on making custom pieces.

Since I go out and railfan when I have time, I decided to start making custom pieces that I have photographed. Following are some examples of my work.

I am going to do limited runs of custom cars and locomotives that I like. When I complete the pieces I will be putting them up for sale. I hope you enjoy seeing what I'm building. I also hope you purchase the cars or locomotives and enjoy running custom pieces on your layouts.